The need to study does not end with formal education. Anyone in the work force, whether on the factory floor or in the executive suite, must have the ability to assimilate, retain and then apply important information. Success in life depends on it.

Applied Scholastics is making it possible for anyone to acquire this skill.

The numbers tell the story:

From its teacher-training campus near St. Louis, Missouri, Applied Scholastics has implemented L. Ron Hubbard’s Study Technology through more than 1,100 schools and tutoring groups in 72 nations.

Nearly 135,000 educators trained by Applied Scholastics have brought Study Technology to 38 million students worldwide, opening doors previously closed to them. These students in turn take their skills into their communities, states and nations.

Supported by the Church of Scientology and its parishioners, Applied Scholastics is in the forefront of defeating illiteracy and raising the level of education.

The contributions of L. Ron Hubbard and Applied Scholastics to the fields of literacy and learning have changed the lives of millions across the globe. Applied Scholastics frequently receives letters of recognition and endorsements from educators, parents and students in acknowledgement of both its programs and the power of Study Technology.


It is my pleasure to have had the opportunity to enhance and strengthen my pedagogical practices due to the training at Applied Scholastics International Training Campus. I want to commend you and your staff for a stellar record of accomplishments and the help you are providing our future generations. Thank you for what you are doing to improve the educational system of America’s schools today. —Assistant Superintendent, U.S.

I have never before come across a method which would enable the instructor to take any failed student and rehabilitate them in that subject to a point where they understood it and could apply it and could continue study in that subject with no further difficulty. This I have done many times since 1973, using Mr. Hubbard’s Study Technology. —Educator, United Kingdom

Without reservation, I can say that the professionalism of the personnel, thoroughness of the training and the quality of the Applied Scholastics Achievement Program assisted our school in achieving the final product that was the best I have ever experienced. By focusing on identifying and repairing the academic deficiencies of underperforming fourth through sixth grade students, [our school] was recognized as a “Gold Star” school and selected as recipient of the Monsanto School of Excellence in Education Scholarship. —School Principal, U.S.

Study Technology is a new look. L. Ron Hubbard has been bold enough to assert that for any learning problem there is a workable solution. Thousands of people trained in his Study Technology know this is true and feel they now have in their hands the missing tool necessary for both comprehension and the ability to apply in any chosen field of study. —Professor of English, U.S.

In my capacity as the reading consultant for the Danish government, I have dedicated my professional life to understanding how to ensure all students achieve a high level of literacy and thus success. After having witnessed firsthand the remarkable results of L. Ron Hubbard’s Study Technology, I believe it is the vital and strong foundation on which literacy can be built throughout the world. —Advisor, Ministry of Education, Denmark

In this increasingly technological and ever-changing society, it is paramount that all students learn how to learn. Applied Scholastics programs accomplish this. Furthermore, the most salient feature of Applied Scholastics materials is that they promote self-regulated learning by allowing students to successfully overcome barriers to learning with little or no assistance from another person. —University Professor, U.S.


Our son is currently being tutored by Applied Scholastics. Let me begin by saying what you do is awesome. I am a parent with a Masters Degree and numerous awards, but in 3 years of trying, I could not help my child understand what you have helped him obtain in less than 3 weeks. He began tutoring in early February and a week later was asking for more tutoring. To understand my excitement, you must understand that although my son is amazingly talented in other areas, academics posed a hardship for him. He is in the 5th grade but was reading at 2nd and 3rd grade level. No matter what method I tried, I could not help him. I felt like I had failed my child. Enter Applied Scholastics. I see a change in my son, not just academically but personally. There is an air of confidence he now holds. Life has opened up for him so much more. He could read before, but now he reads and understands. We have been blessed beyond belief. —Parent, U.S.

We had been through 3 years of hell. We were told our son had ADD, sensory deficiency problems and even autism. We had seen numerous professionals and therapists. He had medical tests and doctors tried to convince us to put him on medication for ADD. I hired a tutor but after a half an hour, she told me she didn’t want to waste my money, that she couldn’t help him. His teachers were letting him wander around the classroom rather than fighting with him to sit down and learn. Fortunately for us, my mum was talking to a lady who suggested Applied Scholastics. After ten weeks of tutoring we started to see amazing changes in my son’s reading, writing, comprehension and behavior. He had more confidence, was asking more questions and was looking forward to going to tutoring to learn. I decided to learn the techniques myself as I couldn’t believe how much my son had improved and I wanted to be able to pass this method of learning to my other children. The course is amazing and it works! My son has now finished his tutoring and the change in him just makes me so thankful for Applied Scholastics. This course does work and there is help for our children. —Parent, Australia


School had been very difficult for me and I was just barely making a passing grade. I was always upset and frustrated. Then I did an Applied Scholastics course called Study Skills for Life. I never had so much drive and I have never been so excited about studying. After doing that course and applying Study Technology, I enjoyed studying everything. I then did the Basic Study Manual course and I moved faster than ever on my studies. Study Technology has given me the tools to make my dreams become reality. —High School Student, U.S.


With Study Technology, I am flabbergastingly quick at learning new things. One great example is when, in three days, after studying the definitions of the words used in programming websites for the Internet, I created an awesome website, which incorporated my writing ability and 3-D graphic artistry. I had no previous experience whatsoever with any type of programming prior to this endeavor. This school, with its truly workable Study Technology, really deserves an award. Believe me, I know. —High School Student, U.S.

There are no words that can describe how I truly feel about this fantastic tutoring I have received. I had been looking for help since childhood, having been falsely diagnosed with a non-existent “learning disability” and not given any solutions or any hope. It has taken me 32 years to find Applied Scholastics. I have completed tutoring and am now half-way through the Learning How to Learn course. The tutoring and courses are just fantastic. You have taken away my darkness and given me light and hope. —Student, Australia